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Educational Technology Support Services

AV Simple specializes in providing audio and visual equipment, live and online streaming technologies and technical support for large and small organizations and individuals who hold professional educational seminars at hotels, rented classrooms, their own facilities and other venues in Southern California.

Our AV equipment and technical expertise far exceeds what can be obtained from hotel based rental services. And at a more competitive budget price. If you have ever scheduled a seminar in a hotel facility you probably have experienced some or all of the following.

Don't Let Technology Frustrate You!

Has Any of This Happened to You!
The AV Simple Solution

Let us help you avoid these pitfalls and problems when you give your next seminar.

We are a Southern California based company specializing in helping corporations, educators, and continuing education providers create, present, capture and then re-use or re-purpose their educational content. We provide economical end-to-end support for content experts who desire to distribute their content to the widest possible audience at the lowest possible cost. If you are scheduling an event in the Southern California area, we invite you to call our office to find out how we can meet and exceed your expectations for technical, audio and video support at your event. We can provide all the equipment offered by hotels, staffed with our technicians the entire day, all at competitive rates.

Please understand that our concept of support enhances and expands your role as an educator. Instead of an educator, think of yourself as a "content creator". Then expand your concept of your work flow. Instead of the outdated concept of an educators work flow surrounding essentially the day of the seminar, consider instead that your work flow should be similar to how the studios create entertainment content. Before your seminar you must prepare your curriculum, handouts, slides and other materials, we call this "pre-production" activities. On the day of your seminar think beyond just that one day. We urge you to capture and record your content that day, thus the work flow term "production". After your event, exploit possibilities of distributing your content in digital format. We call this aspect of the work flow "post-production" activities. After your content is edited, embellished and improved in post-production, the last task of your work flow is "distribution".

AV Simple can provide you with technical support, equipment and expertise in all phases of your work flow, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. Please feel free to explore the remaining pages of this site to help you understand how we might help you with any or all of these work flow stages.