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Production Day Services

Production services occur on the day of the educational event. The goal is to facilitate a flawless audio visual experience for your students in attendance, and to capture the educational content so that it can be reused and re-purposed in the future. The typical presentation will have one or more speakers, or content experts, and each speaker will have a number of visual aids to illustrate the presentation.

Technician On Site All Day

On the day of your presentation, we transport all equipment to your venue and set the equipment up and make sure it is working properly. Our technicians stay on site all day to deal with any technical problems that may occur, and to assist your speakers to make best use the equipment. The technicians will operate the digital audio and video recorders. After the event, they will disassemble all equipment and transport it back to our warehouse. The following is an example of the equpment that we can provide for your event.

Audio Capture

In order to capture the verbal component of the presentation, we have available all necessary audio equipment such as the following.

Audio Presentation

A small presentation may not need equipment to present auditory material to students. s productions may require some of the following.

Visual Capture

Much of the visual element of a seminar is contained in the Power point slide presentation prepared during the pre-production phase of the project. This does not need to be captured again during the live production since it is already "captured" and in digital format. Nonetheless, some of the visual components of the live presentation may need to be captured, and if so, we have the following equipment available.

Visual Presentation

In order to present the visual component of a presentation, we have available the following equipment.

Production Day Goal

The production day goal is to facilitate a stunning audio visual experience for your students in attendance and to capture the presentation in digital format so that it can be reused and re-purposed later in multiple online and offline formats. At this point you may ask us to simply deliver the raw captured material to you for safekeeping, or, you may ask us to continue the development process with post production, and distribution services. The links on the left will explain what these additional services might entail.